What is Slab Tile?

May 07,2021

What is Slab Tile?

What is slab tile? What is it good for? Slab tiles are emulations of natural stone. Compared to other types of tiles, they come in large sizes, such as 800 * 2600mm, and are multifunctional, suitable for external facades, table tops, indoor walls and floors. Their practicality and functionality surpass designers’ imaginations. Here, we brief on the advantages of using slab tiles:


Perfect All Rounder

One of the most important features of Slab tiles is its multifunctionality. Slab tiles are suitable for external and internal facades, table tops, and other uses. It can never be wrong to stock slab tiles.



Slab tiles are a brilliant seamless solution for table tops, walls, and floors, because of their large sizes and slim edges. This definitely modernizes and decorates your house stylishly.


Sintered Stone DQ82609L02.png


Lower Tiling Costs

Tiling your walls and floors only need a very few pieces of slab tiles, meaning fewer joints and tiling hours are needed. It saves you materials and wages, when decorating your house.





Clean & Durability

Slab tiles resist to wear, scratches, and stains even in bad environment. It keeps your house nice and comfortable and saves you from retiling or renewing your house.