Black and White Mosaic Ideas (2021) | Bathroom, Kitchen, Interior Designs

July 15,2021

Black and White Mosaic Ideas (2021) | Bathroom, Kitchen, Interior Designs


Black and white mosaic tiles are simple but elegant options for bathroom floors, walls, kitchen backslashes. This blog is about:



Compared to pink subway tiles or basket weave tiles, black and white mosaic tiles are a safer choice for modern decoration, for the colors are easier to match and less monotonous. They can be brilliant interior design ideas! Let's begin our room tour.



Black and white hexagon mosaic tiles


Source:  flooranddecor

What are black and white mosaic tiles?

Black and white mosaic tiles are mosaic tile mesh coming with white and black colors. Usually, there are more white pieces of tiles than black pieces on one sheet of mosaic, for black pieces are for decorative purpose in comparison to white pieces.


Black and white mosaic checkerboard


Source: Ai Jia Tiles Black and White Mosaic Tile | Ceramic Checkerboard | 300*300mm 



These tiles come in different materials: ceramic mosaic, stone mosaic, and crystal mosaic. In addition, their shapes can vary a lot. There can be checkerboard square mosaic, long thin windpipe mosaic, hexagon mosaic, 3D cubic pattern mosaic, and so on.


   hexagon mosaic3d cubic pattern mosaic

Windpipe mosaic black and white

Crystal mosaic black and white



Black and White Mosaic Interior Design Ideas

Without any doubt, the color mix of black and white is an ideal color scheme for bathroom. It’s one of the most classic, if not the best color scheme for bathroom. White stands for pure, tidy, and clean, while black can down play the impact of stains and dirt visually. The outcome is that, your bathroom looks clean and bright.



Black and White Color Scheme

Source: From House to Home



Now, what if we use mosaic instead? Let's take a closer look at different design patterns.


Hexagon Mosaic Floor Tile, A Classic Look


These are hexagon white and black mosaic tiles. Black tiles delineate the pattern and border you want for your bathroom. Of course, it takes only a little DIY mosaic craftsmanship to make the pattern you need.


Source: Style Spotlight


Marble Mosaic Tile Black and White Big Hexagon Glossy Decorative

The honeycomb mosaic tiles are larger in size and come with two colors on the same piece of tiles. It gives strong visual impact when you enter the bathroom, as if the space is somehow distorted.


Marble Mosaic Tile Black and White Big Hexagon Glossy Decorative


Source: E-MosaicTile



Haywood Black & White Mosaic Tile Sheet

In this design, white pieces are larger than black pieces, instead of in the same size. In addition, the shapes are different. White tiles are octagons, and the black tiles are squares. Because of the darkness provided by the black pieces, the white part is afloat and more "3D" in a sense.


Haywood Black & White Mosaic Tile Sheet

Source: Victorian Plumbing


Ai Jia happens to offer the same kind of mosaic, please have a look at their features and visual effects.


Ai Jia Octagon Black and White Mosaic


Ai Jia Black and White Octagon Mosaic

Link: Black and White Mosaic Tile | Ceramic Hexagon | 300*300mm


Victorian White & Black Checkerboard Mosaic Mosaic Tiles

Here is where classic checkerboard mosaic can come in place. A simple but elegant hall way (See Hallway Makeover).


Victorian White & Black Checkerboard Mosaic Mosaic Tiles

Source: The London Tile Co.



Honeycomb Backsplash


We love this new mosaic backsplash in greys, blacks and whites


Honeycomb Mosaci

Source:  Tile Power Gregory Hills



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